Five Surefire Ways to Get
Your Letter Opened...and Read
Hundreds of thousands of sales and fundraising letters are mailed each day; millions
every year. The average person probably receives two or three unsolicited offers for
credit cards, magazine subscriptions, auto insurance, etc. every day in the mail. Many get
tossed in the trash without ever being opened.

You have about 3-5 seconds to interest people in opening your letter. If it never gets
opened, you have wasted your time and money. The success of your mailing hinges on
how well your envelope compels the recipient to look inside.

Here are five surefire ways you can tip the odds in your favor and get your letter opened.
1. Put a compelling message on the envelope that makes the reader
want to know more. Use teaser words like “new”, “free”, “announcing”,
and “save”.

2. Make the address appear handwritten or use a window envelope.
People are more likely to open an envelope that doesn’t look like “junk

3. Use a colored envelope, rather than plain white. Color draws
attention to your envelope and sets it apart.

4. Give the envelope an official look. People are more likely to open
envelopes that appear to convey some type of official information.

5. Indicate a deadline for response. Imply urgency to your message.
Is Your Letter Getting Read?
Too often strong sales letters get pitched before they are ever opened. That's because
the envelope in which they are mailed fails to entice the recepient to open and read it.
Follow these proven tips to "Get Your Letter Opened" and increase your direct mail success.
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