News releases or press releases offer an opportunity to get visibility and publicity for your
company or organization without having to buy advertising space. They provide newspaper and
magazine editors with newsworthy information for their publications, while at the same time giving
the public the details about your company or business you want them to have.

News releases can be used to announce an event, provide helpful information, and generate
goodwill for your company or organization. But to be successful, your news release needs to grab
the attention of the editor and provide news he or she would have an interest in publishing.
Innovative Writing
News Release Writing
Make Your Message Newsworthy
Make sure:

1. The information in the release is really "news".

2. Send it on company letterhead and provide contact information.

3. Keep the release brief (no more than two pages).

4. Use a strong headline that summarizes what the release is about.

5. Date the release and indicate it is "For Immediate Release"
Sample Format for a News Release
Place on Company Letterhead
(List address, phone and email contact information
For Immediate Release
XYZ Company Builds Solar Powered Microwave
Chicago, June 13, 2014 The XYZ company announces a breakthrough

technology that will change how microwave ovens heat food. This new ...

Company president, Gregory Smith reported the results of years of testing

at the recent National Electronics Show in .....

Continue with message (generally no more than two double spaced pages).
Be sure to put the most important informaion on the first page.

For more information, call 312 756 XXXX, or visit
# # #
Don't just report the facts. Try to create a compelling story. How will the public benefit from
this information? Who is this announcement directed to? Why is this important? If you are
announcing an event, when and where will it occur?

When appropriate, include quotes from key company personel or users of the product or

Be sure to indicate in the release who can be contacted at your company for additional