Consider using the services of a freelance copywriter to
enhance your business communications.
Freelance copywriters hire out their writing expertise to numerous clients, rather than working for a single
company or organization. Small and medium-sized companies and non-profit organizations, who do not have
in-house communications or marketing staff, can often benefit from using a freelance copywriter. He or she
can develop sales and marketing materials—sales letters, brochures, newsletters, and web-based content - as
well as, reports, handbooks, policy manuals, or other written communications.

If you have staff with expertise in marketing and communications, using a freelance copywriter can still save
you a lot of time and frustration. A freelance copywriter can ease the pressure when your staff is overloaded
and facing a deadline. A copywriter can provide the temporary assistance needed to assure all your business
communications are well written and completed on time.

Unless you have considerable background in business communications or writing and marketing, it's risky to
undertake developing your own sales or marketing materials. A freelance copywriter can develop
cost-effective materials on a project by project basis. You benefit from the writing expertise of a person
knowledgeable in direct mail, web site, and other marketing approaches, without the expense of adding staff or
risk of trying to do it yourself.
Innovative Writing
Business Writing Tips
Tips for Finding a Good Writer
No matter the size of a business or its purpose, a professional freelance writer is
the obvious answer to a writing project dilemma. But for many, the process of
finding and hiring a freelancer is something new and even a bit unnerving. If you
find yourself in this position, there are a few things you can do to "get smart"
about freelancing and ensure whomever you hire has a clear picture of your
company, its mission and the goals of your writing project.
Don't begin your search for a freelance writer without spending the time to think
their project through first. Have a well-defined outline of your objectives along
with a prepared list of questions to "interview" the writer. This little bit of
forethought will make your job and theirs much easier.

Communication is Key
Key Questions for You
Any freelance writer you hire should have the skills to write engaging copy that can sell your
project, resonate with the right audiences and present a professional appealing image of your
organization. But no writer will be able to do this unless you can effectively communicate who
you are.

To help the freelancer you hire "get to know you" compile some key information they can use
in getting a feel for your company and the sort of image you want to project. Be sure to include:
1. Background information about your company (i.e. brochures, web address, mission statement)
2. Previously written materials on the topic of your project
3. Any testimonials
4. Pricing list for your product or services
5. Contact information
1. What is the main purpose of this project (i.e. this brochure, website, flyer, postcard etc.)?
2. Who is the audience for this piece (i.e. customers, clients, colleagues)?
3. How much time can I allow for completion of this project?
4. What is the budget for this project?
Once you have your project goals clearly defined and all related information for the project
compiled, jot down a few pertinent questions to ask the freelance writers you contact.

Be sure the questions you ask are open-ended to allow a writer the chance to explain his or her
thoughts and not just respond yes or no. Ask about things that are of most importance to you like
experience, fees, and scheduling. Don't hesitate to request some samples of their previous writing
projects or how to contact their previous clients for a referral. Find out exactly who will be doing
the writing for your project and always ask for their contact information to follow-up later.
Key Questions for a Writer
Finding a Copywriter
Post an ad on Craigslist, check local Yellow Pages listings, or surf the web for "copywriters".
Narrow down your options through your interviews and then make your choice.
Fees for freelance writing services vary a great deal and for good reason. Experience, difficulty
of a job, size of a project, along with many other factors, all play a part in determining how much
a writer will charge.

The important thing to remember is that cheaper isn't always better, its just cheaper. Any
written copy you produce, whether it's in print or online, becomes the face of your company. It
may be the only thing a customer ever sees about you and its quality will affect their impression
of you for a long, long time.

If you only need customers to find your phone number or the date of your latest sale the less
expensive option may do the trick. But if you want your website, brochure, or letter to do more,
use the freelance writer with the talent to deliver more and don't feel bad if you have to pay a
little extra to get it. That fee is an investment, not just a cost.

Does this writer have the experience I want to get the job done? Has he/she
written on a topic similar to mine?
Do his/her writing samples impress me? Are they written in a style and tone
consistent with the language and image of my company?