Employee handbooks, policy manuals, and training materials have an importnat
role in communicating key information to your employees. They serve as critical guides for
your staff in carrying out your business policies, processes, and objectives.

Well written employee handbooks, policy manuals, and training materials can save countless
hours of management time and prevent costly mistakes. They can clarify company positions,
help employees understand and follow appropriate procedures, and eliminate
misunderstandings and confusion.

To be effective, these business communications must be:
1. Easily understood by all employees
2. Written in a professional, consistent style and format
3. Kept up-to-date and revised, as needed
Carefully prepared employee handbooks, policy manuals, and
training materials provide the information your company needs to
increase effectiveness and efficiency on-the-job.
Innovative Writing
Employee Handbooks, Policy Manuals, and Training Materials
Effective Employee Communications
Start with an outline. Then, as you write, use the items
listed in your outline as headings or subheads in the

If there are a large number of sections or listings, number
each item so the reader has a logical sequence to follow.

The text should be concise and give readers only what
they need to know. Avoid a lot of additional information
that isn't directly relevant to the goal of the document.
When needed, add examples, illustrations, or pictures that
help to explain or reinforce written statements.

Once you've completed a draft, have someone who will
use the handbook or manual, review it and provide
Steps to Building Your Employee Handbook,
Policy Manual, or Training Materials