Innovative Business Writing
Getting Your Message Read
Writing Means Business...
When it Informs, Educates, Persuades, and Sells
Words are powerful business tools. Are you using them effectively?

Do your sales letters, marketing materials, website pages, reports,
newsletters, or training materials provide the results you want?
Grabs the readers attention and keeps it.
Don't let poorly written business communications cost you or your
company. You need to use engaging business writing that:
Provides a distinctive image of your business, service, or product.
Throughout this site you'll discover free tips and advice to help you do just
that. Whether you're a small business owner looking to write your own
company communications, or an employee whose job description includes
developing business communications, the pages of this website can give you
useful insights to capture the "words that work" for you.
Keys to More Effective Writing
Improving your business writing skills can make a big difference for you and
your company.

Things to keep in mind whenever your write:
1. Know the purpose of your writing before you start.

2. Keep your writing simple. Communicate clearly. Get to the point.
Choose your words carefully.

3. Use short sentences whenever possible. Break up long paragraphs.
Don't overwhelm the reader

4. Grab attention for key points with headlines or subject headings.
Apply bullet points to emphasize important steps or information.

5. Reread your work and proofread carefully.
The free self-help materials on this website can help you write more
effectively and reach your business communication goals.
Find out
how to write:
Brochures that communicate benefits
Presents focused information that's easily understood.
News Releases or Newsletters that get read
Clear, concise Employee Handbooks,
Also, learn about:
And if you feel you don't have the skills or time to handle all your
writing needs, consider using the services of a freelance writer.
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